Sugargeeks Malta is officially one year old!

Starting a new business must be a daunting endeavor to anyone,at any time of the year, but launching Sugargeeks Malta in the January of 2023 was for me personally probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I had been presented with a unique set of challenges and somehow Sugargeeks felt like the answer to all my problems. After deciding that my career in Finance was not what I wanted out of life, 2023 promised to be a bleak repetition of finding office jobs that I really didn’t want, and soon I found myself working on starting my own brand new business. Immersed in a flurry of paperwork, I drafted customer-oriented processes and planned preparations – I knew that it wouldn’t be as simple as ‘selling cakes’. I also knew that learning to bake professional-looking cakes was obviously a key requirement, and even though I had been dabbling in baking for six years, I still had a long long way to go. Little did I know that this journey would be a roller coaster of experimentation, failures, and ultimately, satisfying success.

The first hurdle was getting all the necessary documents in order. Legalities, permits, and licenses demanded meticulous attention and immense patience. Despite the initial fear and apprehension, I couldn’t help but feel that this was the true meaning of following my dream. The paperwork laid the foundation for Sugargeeks Malta, a dream that would soon be adorned with layers of creativity and dedication.

The world of professional baking is not just about mixing ingredients and throwing them into an oven. It’s a science – a craft that demands precision. The journey involved hours of experimentation with different chocolates, flours, and sugars. I faced a few cake fails as I grappled with the challenge of cakes reacting differently to varying climate temperatures (and oven settings). Each painful failure was a lesson, a stepping stone to a better outcome. I studied the nuances of fondants, butter-creams, and observed gluten-free and lactose-free recipes. I realized that, based in Malta – we are quite limited to what we can and cannot have access to in our local markets.

My education had to extend beyond my kitchen walls. I spent countless hours watching online tutorials, I subscribed to online schools, and looked for guidance from seasoned bakers. The owner of the Red Cake Tin, Vanessa is an incredible mentor, and she patiently answers all my questions and provides invaluable insights. Learning from my mistakes became a mantra, and with each setback, I emerged stronger and more knowledgeable.

As Sugargeeks Malta gained traction, I found myself making a small income. With each penny earned, I rushed to reinvest in equipment and supplies. The continuous improvement of my baking arsenal became essential to meet the growing demand for Sugargeeks Malta’s original creations.

A business, no matter how skilled the owner, cannot thrive without patient customers invested in the journey. I was fortunate to have a clientele that believed in my vision, patiently supporting me as I navigated the challenges and successes of Sugargeeks Malta.

Two pivotal moments marked a turning point in the business’ growth this year – Comic-Con Malta and Play-Con Malta. These events propelled me to the forefront of the market, exposing Sugargeeks Malta to a wider audience and attracting the attention of crucial clients. The exposure felt like a huge reward and testament to the hard work invested in perfecting my craft.

Behind every successful venture is a support system, and I am no exception. My husband, my sister and my daughter (who is my biggest supporter), stood by me throughout the whole journey.

Me and my husband Carlos getting ready to cosplay and meet Comic-Con visitors to promote Sugargeeks.

The unwavering support of my entire family fueled my determination to become not just a better baker but a better person.

My sister Jessica cutting cakes for Comic-Con visitors during the event in cat-cafe maid cosplay.

As I reflect on the challenges, triumphs, and growth of Sugargeeks Malta in the past year, I look forward to the future. The journey has been demanding, but it has enriched my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Sugargeeks Malta is not just a bakery; it’s a testament to the power of following one’s passion, overcoming obstacles, and embracing the satisfying taste of success.

I am beyond excited to continue growing with Sugargeeks Malta, to become a better baker, and to share the joy of my creations with all my valued customers.

Thank you!!