Attack On Titan / Demon Slayer / Ronaldo Crossover Two Tier Cake

This two-tier cake was an amazing challenge. It was ordered for twins, a boy and a girl. The girl was an avid anime lover and the little boy wanted to be a cardiologist and also recently started falling in love with football. Honestly, incorporating Attack on Titan/Demon Slayer with a Cardiologist/Football theme did make me scratch my head a couple of times… I also needed to make sure I did’t cross the bridge to Gore-land. My initial idea of having a titan with it’s heart displayed surely was not appropriate to a party where there would be a three-year old. I had to think harder! In the end, I decided to proceed with the idea and concept that Ronaldo was playing a football game with the anime characters. I decided to add the cardio reference on the top cake, with the scouts doing the ‘Shinzo wo Sasageyo’ Salute, which means Dedicate (or devote,give) your hearts, name of the 2nd chapter of the 34th volume and the 136th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga. It’s also the name of the opening theme song of the third season of the anime series.

The bottom cake had images all the way around it, showing two sides of the same game, one where chibi characters were about to scuffle for the ball, and on the other side, Ronaldo had to somehow make it out alive from his opponent’s advances. And these opponents included Levi and Hange, two titan slayers, a demon slayer and an actual demon. So here it is, a chocolate base cake topped by a vanilla cake – I called it ‘Ronaldo’s last game’.

Everything you see is made from scratch!  #attackontitan #ronaldo #christianoronaldo #christianoronaldo7 #siuuu #demonslayer #demonslayeredit #demonslayeranime #demonslayeredits #animecakes #animecakesgu