The Cards you play with, and then eat.

When it comes to indulging your sweet tooth while satisfying your fandom, our Cookie Frames are a new and delightful choice. At the recent Malta Gaming Expo, Sugargeeks showcased these innovative treats, each adorned with images from the popular card game, Magic the Gathering. Let’s dive into the experience of crafting and selling these cookies and explore what’s in store for future events.

The Art of Square Sugar Cookies

Before we delve into our experience at the Malta Gaming Expo, let’s first explore the art of making the delicate, soft and chewy sugar cookies. To begin, you’ll need a basic sugar cookie recipe. Once your cookies have been baked and cooled, the real fun begins. Roll out some fondant, cut it into squares, and gently lay it on top of your cookies. Fondant adds a smooth, polished look to your cookies and serves as an ideal canvas for edible images. Use some water if needed so that the fondant sticks well to the cookie. Brush the fondant with water thinly once secured, and gently but firmly press the edible image onto the cookie. Make sure that no water touches the image, or the color will run and it will be ruined. Firmly press until the image is securely attached to the fondant and won’t lift off the edges once dry. Feel free to lay face down until completely dry.

Edible Magic: The Gathering Images

At Sugargeeks, we took these sugar cookies and adorned them with edible prints of Magic the Gathering cards. This unique twist adds a personalized touch to each cookie and is perfect for events like the Malta Gaming Expo. The process involves printing card images onto edible paper with edible ink, which can then be attached to the fondant-covered cookies.

The Malta Gaming Expo Experience

Our journey at the Malta Gaming Expo was nothing short of exciting. Attendees, many of whom were Magic the Gathering enthusiasts, flocked to our stand in search of their favorite card images. Two cards, in particular, seemed to be in high demand: the infamous Black Lotus and the enigmatic Jace, the Mind Sculptor.

Some visitors sought the Jace cookie because they despised the character, making it a humorous statement piece as a customer paid and added “I’m so excited to bite his head off!”.

Another customer gushed as she exclaimed “It’s a gift for my boyfriend! He’s going to love this.”

Upcoming Delights at Malta Comic Con

For those who missed out on the Malta Gaming Expo or are eager for more, fret not!

We’re excited to announce that Sugargeeks will be setting up shop at the upcoming Malta Comic Con. There, we’ll be featuring an even wider range of Magic the Gathering cards, ensuring that you can find your favorites.

But that’s not all – we have plenty more in store for our valued clients.

Expanding Our Offerings

In addition to Magic the Gathering cards, we’ll be introducing cookies with images from other popular games. Anime fans, get ready, because we’re also planning to offer portraits of beloved anime characters in edible form. Our goal is to provide a diverse range of options for our clients, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s taste.

In conclusion, crafting square-shaped sugar cookies, covering them with fondant, and adding edible images is a delightful culinary adventure. Our experience at the Malta Gaming Expo was a testament to the passion Magic the Gathering fans have for their favorite cards. With the Malta Comic Con on the horizon, we can’t wait to bring even more edible delights to our customers. Stay tuned for cards from other games, anime portraits, and a plethora of creative cookie options. Join us in satisfying your sweet tooth and celebrating your favorite characters with Sugargeeks!